EscapeAoE Hall of Fame

Today we are pleased to launch the EscapeAoE Hall of Fame, a place to celebrate the greatest achievements of the players competing in our tournaments. We've been working hard to analyse and generate stats for all of the tournament games since Battle for Angkor and...

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15th March – Relic Madness

Put your wololo's in the air like you just don't care, because this week it's time for Capture the Relic! Four players will play four matches in Free for All format, the first to bring the relic home wins $50! Talk about relic gold... You can find the full event...

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Tournament: Elimination Draft

"Art is the elimination of the unnecessary." - Picasso We're returning with another major weekend event in March, Elimination Draft, this $1,000  tournament is a continuation from our Escape Gaming Masters series where we will see the return of the "Legends" and the...

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Introducing: Mid-Week Madness

"We want blood!", "We want more!" It's been just three months since we started EscapeAoE and what a crazy time it's been so far. We've seen four major events, record breaking streams and massive amounts of positive feedback from the community. Thanks to your support...

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All New – Hub Pages

We're pleased to release our brand new hub pages for EscapeGaming hosted events and tournaments, these hubs will provide you with everything you need to get a complete tournament experience. Each Escape event will have it's own hub where you'll be able to track live...

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Escape Gaming Masters 1

Escape Gaming is proud to announce the Escape Gaming Masters with eight players facing off in a double elimination bracket for $3,000 in prizes. Battle for Angkor was a great success in December, we want to continue in that vein by hosting yet another event this...

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Introducing: Age of Empires II

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Age of Empires II team, a collaboration between the most well known streamers and players in the community. In partnership with the team will be contributing a part of their streaming revenue each month to a...

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29th March – 19GMT | Stream

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