All New – Hub Pages

We're pleased to release our brand new hub pages for EscapeGaming hosted events and tournaments, these hubs will provide you with everything you need to get a complete tournament experience. Each Escape event will have it's own hub where you'll be able to track live...

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Escape Gaming Masters 1

Escape Gaming is proud to announce the Escape Gaming Masters with eight players facing off in a double elimination bracket for $3,000 in prizes. Battle for Angkor was a great success in December, we want to continue in that vein by hosting yet another event this...

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Introducing: Age of Empires II

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Age of Empires II team, a collaboration between the most well known streamers and players in the community. In partnership with the team will be contributing a part of their streaming revenue each month to a...

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Return of the Kings 2v2

18-19th February

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