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Today we see the departure of our DotA2 squad as they will not be signing a new contract for 2017, instead there will be a new and exciting announcement on 25th January. With the next roster lock coming up SyndereN, Era and Qojqva will be making two new additions to the lineup for the next Major. 

We’d like to thank the team for the last six months, they have had some truly great achievements from attending The International 6 to a second place finish in the DreamLeague final. We saw upcoming talent KheZu move over to Team Secret where he is continuing to move from strength to strength, YapzOr creating a new promising team with FATA, Feero, Forev and 343 and now a huge new opportunity for the remaining players of the squad. 

We’re wishing everyone all the best for 2017 and have no doubts that with their professional attitude, dedication to keep improving and hard work that they will go far. Thank you to everyone who supported us along the way and for a great time. See you again soon!