AoE All-Stars is a 2 month event featuring 8 of the world’s best players. The league format will give us 7 weeks of action which will have full coverage of each match every Sunday on the EscapeAoE Twitch page. With $3,000 up for grabs and cash prizes for every set of games won players will need to bring their A game! The grand final BO9 will take place on 2nd July to close things out.

All 3 games are played in each set, one point is scored for each game won.

Civ Rules

Game 1: Mirror Random

Game 2: Hidden Pick

Game 3: Hidden Pick


Map Rules

Game 1: Map Pack

Game 2: Loser Home Map

Game 3: Winner Home Map

Grand Final BO9 – TBA

Home Map Pool

 Gold Rush
 Team Islands
 Ghost Lake

Map Pack

 Golden Pit


Players are entitled to 1 restart for each set, called before 4 minutes (4:00) in game time, unless there is a bugged map in which case a restart will not be used up.

Bugged maps are where any food resources are 100% blocked or where there are less than 3 faces of your main gold or stone available to mine. Must be called after 4 minutes game time or have a screenshot for the admins. If you are unsure please pause and ask.

Lobby Settings

Game : Standard Map
Size : 2 player map
Resources : Standard
Population : 200
Game Speed : Normal
Reveal Map : Normal
Starting Age : Standard
Victory Condition : Conquest

Allow Cheats : [ ] No
Lock Speed : [X] Yes
Record Game : [X] Yes

Prize Split

$32 per match win +

5- $100

Qualification Settings

Availability. By signing up to this Qualification you confirm that you will be available to play each week between 24th April and 2nd July.  During the qualification you will be expected to play one/two Bo3 per week, during the main event you’ll be expected to play one three game series per week.

Single Elimination, Bo3 bracket ending at the semi-final stage. Top 4 players qualify to the main event.

All Qualification games: Random Mirror civs on Map Pack.

Seeding will be based on 1v1 ladder ratings.

Full Rules

1. Availability. By signing up to this event you confirm that you will be available to play each week between 24th April and 2nd July. During the main event you’ll be expected to play one three game series per week.

2. You will schedule your matches between Monday & Sunday for the current event round, each round lasts one week. All scheduling will take place via the AoCZone private forum, you will be given access once the event starts.

3. You will actively monitor the event Skype group and reply within a reasonable time-frame to any admin requests.

4. All games are to be played on AoEHD with all expansions and the latest patch.

5. Each player must upload their recorded games POV to the scheduling topic on AoCZone immediately at the end of each match.

6. It is against the rules to share match results until after the match has received official coverage on the EscapeAoE Twitch channel.

7. In the event of a no-TC start (Steppe, Nomad) – that is a start where players do not have Town Centers but only villagers:
a) the first buildings constructed must be either a Town Center, Mill, Lumbercamp or a Dock.
b) No Barracks, no Palisade Wall and no more than one House may be build until the first TC is up.
c) No fighting is allowed until both player’s TC is up.

8. Any graphic changes that only affects the player’s AoEHD are allowed.

9. Cheating is not allowed under any circumstances. Players doing any kind of cheating will be disqualified and banned from future EscapeGaming events.

10. Players must play on a known nickname and must play on their own account. Players must not play for somebody else.