Age of Empires fans won’t want to miss this! The AoE All-Stars: a brand new league starting 8th May featuring 8 top players and with over $3,000 in prizes.

We’re pleased to announce a new and exciting event, taking place over two months and promising to deliver lots of action! There will be a total of 84 games played during the league which will be covered every Sunday at 15GMT on the EscapeAoE Twitch channel. The league will contain eight players, four invited after their great performance in Elimination Draft and four more who will qualify through.

The invited players are:






Signup to the qualifications is open! You can register for the event via the settings page, players will be selected on 23rd April which is when the signups close, there are currently 8 spots but this may be expanded. To qualify you must finish top 4 and make it past the gatekeepers who are already seeded into the second round thanks to their performance in Elimination Draft.

The Gatekeepers are:






During the main event each player will play every other in a three game series, each map win counts as one point to their total. All three games must be played so even if a player is 2-0 down, the third map could still score them an all important point! At the end of seven weeks of action the two players with the most points will face off in a Best of 9 grand final which is scheduled for 1st July!

We’ll be keeping an event home-page up to date with weekly roundups, news, league table, fixtures and more. You can follow all the action from one convenient page: The All-Star Hub.

We are really looking forward to this event, after the success of the previous EscapeAoE tournaments we’ve taken in a lot of feedback and have many new and improved streaming features for you to enjoy. Stay tuned for more news and updates, we’ll see you on the stream!