This week we caught up with miguel and Liereyy for a chat!
Here is what they had to say 🙂




Robo: Hey miguel, thanks for joining me. You replaced Tim mid season, do you feel that has put you at a disadvantage compared to the other players?

Miguel: Well, being honest. It just gave me a disadvantage against Nicov because I had to play the games right away. I had some weird picks because I kind of “predicted things that didn’t happen”. About my other bad results is because the other oponentes played better.
and thank you for asking me to play

Robo: no problem, you were the most deserving 🙂
Have you studied the new civs much, and planned anything special for the common home map picks?

Miguel: I’ve watched almost all the recorded games of the other rounds, I got a good notion about the new civs and how they should be played in the maps, also I discuss alot with Nicov strategys and he Always gives me alot of good options. I’ve been trying to decide which should be the map I can work better now because of the water meta has changed, doesn’t envolve too much micro anymore, its more about the eco management.

Robo: do you prefer this water meta? being more tactical when deciding which boats to make?

Miguel: Well in the end you are almost always going to do fire ships 11, unless you got time to mass galleys(to get a number of 10) and then you can micro vs the fire ships. I prefeir the standart aoc meta, maybe coz I am not so experienced in HD.

Robo: In your first game vs Liereyy, you skipped the barracks as khmer and went straight into scouts. In hindsight was this a bad idea? Would it be better to just delay building the barracks, to make a few farms and then drop it afterwards so you don’t get countered by scout + spear army combo?

Miguel: After that game I was telling Lierey how smart I was feeling when I sew that he built a barracks, and then he got a big advantage by doing spear and scouts, I never could take a fight even though I had more scouts. I think, definitely, that I should have done a barrack for sure.

Robo: Nations Cup is just around the corner, are you looking forward to it, and do you think Brazil B can make the top 4?

Miguel: Yeah, I am looking foward for our first game there. I think we can make the top4 for sure, if we train alot and dedicate to the game. To be honest, I think both brazilians team can make the top4.

Robo: a little bit of civil rivalry happening there? 😛

Miguel: I think way less than before, we act way more friendly with each other than before.

Robo: Where do you think you will finish in the AoE All-Stars League?

Miguel: I would like to end around 5th, but its becoming far than possible now. I just wanna make the rounds I have left to play good ones and hope to finish in the better position I can.

I wanna thank you guys, like you, zero and all the other people involved to the opportunity I had playing this great tournament, and I will be looking foward for the next Escape Gaming tournaments. Also I wanna thank so much all the support messages I have been getting even though my results are far from the best.


Robo: Thanks for stopping by Liereyy. Firstly, you went for something kind of strange in your Team Islands match vs miguel, transporting your scout over just as you hit Feudal. Was this something you planned to do all along or was it a spur of the moment decision?

Liereyy: my plan vs Miguel was to ruin his build order a bit with the Scout Transport since most Players go up without loom and Lure their boar with the Scout. And i wanted to Transport the Scout only to make him a panic and try to kill his dock vill
and it worked out just that i missclicked and made a demoraft instead of a fire galley otherwise the water would have been closer. Also he saw my trasnport ship and saw that i only transported a scout. I wanted that he thinks that I’m going to land him although i go water and so take the water control

Robo: You have chosen Indians every time Arabia has been played as a home map. Does this mean you feel this is the best civ for Arabia? Why is this?

Liereyy: yea i think it’s the best civ for arabia since the vill Bonus is such a huge eco bonus. You can do the same strategy like the enemy, just that u have more eco behind also the camels are huge and elephant archers Counter the archers. 

Robo: The Escape Euro Cup was formally announced last week, are you planning on participating and training for the chance to attend the LAN finals?

Liereyy: yea i will join not sure if i will Train. Not really so happy it is on hd since voobly is in my opinion a much better place to play at
but i will try to Keep myself motivated for hd and try to find someone to practice with. 

Robo: Why don’t you like HD as much? The performance, or the civs/balance changes?

Liereyy: well one bad Thing is the pathing. If u watched the arabia game between Viper and me on hd, he just killed me 2 vills just by standing there with his scout blocking my vill. i couldn’t do anything against it since it didn’t move 11 and that was basically game over
Another thing is the clicking on the Units stuff. It’s hard to click on the Units sometimes and then u missclick and then u might ruin your micro
And the last Thing was the speed of hd. In voobly u can play so much faster. Hd feels much slower, so that doesn’t really fit me either

Robo: Austria A has signed up with a fairly solid lineup for Nations Cup, how seriously do you plan on practising and preparing? Where do you see yourselves ending up?

Liereyy: Well we are trying to practice here and there. Our Goal is to reach top 16 and i think we can reach that,  everything before that is ofc great for us

Robo: Where do you think you will finish in the AoE All-Stars League?

Liereyy: well my Goal for the tournament was to get to the league and after that it was top 4

i think i will probably get 6th or 7th but my Goal is still top 4 and try to get as many games as i can