This week we caught up with TaToH and BacT to ask them a few questions.
Here is what they had to say 🙂




Robo: Hey TaToH, thanks for joining me today. What do you think of Malay vs Italians on water maps, which is better?

TaToH: Hello. I’m definitely not sure about italians vs malay, but so far I feel more comfortable with Italians because is standard civ. Malay with the 80% faster up makes harder to balance your economy properly after clicking. Also Italians with the 50w fishing ships and 50% cheaper dock techs makes it better overall. And Italians have cheaper ages so they can almost equal Malay on times 😀

Robo: You played through the new campaigns a while ago on your stream, what did you think of them compared to the original AoK+AoC campaigns?

TaToH: I’ve enjoyed them, I’d say that AoK + AoC were nice, actually better than forgotten empires’s ones, but on this expansion they made them entertaining. Not sure about the accuracy of them because I didn’t study their history tho.

Robo: Are you looking forward to the Escape Euro Cup and the LAN final between the top 4 players? Who do you expect to qualify?

TaToH: Yes, I’m really hype for it. I’m planning on coming even if I don’t qualify, I feel like it can be the last time to meet the players I’ve been playing against for a long time. I expect Viper, Daut and Lierey, not sure about the 4th.

Robo: maybe you will be #4? 🙂

TaToH: I think Vinchester, Spaden, MbL, myself have a chance

Robo: On Valley, both you and BacT sent villagers into the centre of the map to collect the deer and shore fish scattered along the riverbed. How important are those extra resources and does this make the map more interesting than standard arabia?

TaToH: We all know that shorefish is the faster food incoming, so having it + deers helps you on not investing Wood on farms. That can turn into a faster range or blacksmith and allows you be the guy that pressures because you have more efficient villagers. I’d say that giving the map on feudal gives more advantage due to this food boost, so drush + fc is not viable as much as in Arabia because you let him the middle.

Robo: Where do you think you will finish in the AoE All-Stars League?

TaToH: I’d have said that I was going to finish 7th 8th but after the good result against BacT i’m aiming for 5th 6th

Robo: ok thanks TaToH for your time, and good luck in the league 😀

TaToH: You’re welcome, and thank you so much, I’ll need it! 😀

TaToH’s final words: I’d like to thank everyone of you for the amazing work, these tournaments are really fun and the stream looks so professional as well. I’d say that heavy work is paying off and feels like aoc + HD is growing up lately!


Robo: Thank you for joining me bact 🙂

How well does HD perform when playing from Vietnam with the rest of the world?

BacT: yeah I like to play AOE II HD without lag, but there is more lag than voobly

Robo: Does that affect how you play your games? Do you play safer to avoid danger?

BacT: It does not affect me much, some times it make discomfort for both parties, both players. its ok  … I only care about the mood of my opponent , because I am from asia

Robo: What’s it like streaming in Vietnam? Do you get many Vietnamese viewers?

BacT: I’m really enjoy it. im so happy when I do it 111. oh my English isnt good. Views from my channel, the majority comes from America . Vietnam just 10% views, And I do not have much advertising with the community here in vietnam. 

Robo: We had some highly entertaining water matches in Round 1 with lots of micro involved. Do you prefer the new water meta, with a variety of ships being viable, or the regular AoC grush?

BacT: yes, im happy with the new water meta. yes its better, only normal galleys in feudal age so boring. There are no surprises, and there are not many changes for future matches

Robo: Where do you think you will finish in the AoE All-Stars League?

BacT: I always stand at the 5-6, and I think this tournament is the same. My style is so good in the winter and bad in the hot season 111
BacT’s final words: I hope the last part of me is that AOE II HD in the future does not have much lags, and I want to have more winners in future tournaments.