This week we had a chat with TheViper & DauT.
Here is what they had to say 🙂




Robo: Hello DauT! You’ve recently gotten a twitch partnership, have you enjoyed streaming, and do you have any future plans for your channel?

DauT: Hello, yes finally after all the problems with twitch/taxes I have got partnership. Streaming gives me new motivation for playing aoc aswell as getting a lot of support from aoe2 fans/player keeps that motivation growing so would like to thank you all for support. My future plans are to be as big sellout as viper is

Robo: You’ve been playing AoC as long as the game has been out. How do you stay motivated to keep playing the same game after 17 years? Do you have a favourite rival and favourite teammate?  

DauT: I had several months breaks here and there but always end up returning to our favorite game. Good tournaments are what keeps me motivated the most.  Right now escape gaming tournaments give me biggest motivation i really enjoy playing them, Fun settings new civs and they are weekend events, best combo.

Viper is my biggest rival when he is my teammate

Robo: You’ve only picked Arabia so far as your home maps. Is this because you are more comfortable on this classic map, or you just don’t feel any of the other home maps favour you?

DauT: From the home map pool Arabia seems like “safest” option  on land type of maps and I  for sure prefer land maps. Altho I like to prepare something different for each player and play on their weakneses

Robo: When you played TheViper, you chose Burmese on Arabia, was this a deliberate counter pick to indians, or just something you felt was a good choice?

DauT: I don’t feel comfortable going water war vs viper so I decided to go for land map as home map. And arabia was natural choice since other land maps are a lot more luck depended. I knew he will go for Indians so I was trying to think of how to counter them. Indians main bonus are cheaper villagers so plan was to keep him in feudal age as long as possible so he cant do cheap boom in castle age that’s why I went for man at arms + tower push (also burmese got good man at arms) and in early castle push him with siege and monks again to keep him off  from investing into boom ( he has to make siege to counter siege instead of booming tc) and If game gets to imperial age Burmese got advantage in my opinion

Robo: The grassDaut emote and its derivatives are a pretty big phenomenon on twitch now, what do you think when you see people spamming your face in chats?

DauT: It was a bit annoying at first cuz really don’t like how I look at that picture 11 but now I find it really funny

Robo: In your Migration game vs TheViper, you went for a Fish boom, whereas TheViper fast Feudaled into Fire Galleys. Was there anyway you could’ve known that the map was not a standard generation, and that he was so close? Or anything you could’ve done to prevent the damage he did to your economy?

DauT: once I put dock on south part of my island it was over, if I put north/east i would be able to get some read on how map looks like, and to make it worst viper isle was on middle of map so he had instant read on how map looks like and it was gg right there

Robo: How do you think you will finish in the AoE All-Stars League?

DauT: Well I always go for the win but considering how high competition is  even top 3 is success



Robo: Thank’s for joining me today. In your talkshow with Tsu_NilPferD, you said that Jordan might return for Nations Cup and the Escape Euro Cup. Do you have any more information about this? If he does make a comeback will he be streaming, maybe some dual streams with yourself?

TheViper: No problem! I was just trying to get Nilpferd hyped for a stronger Germany team, Jordan isn’t coming back unfortunately.

Robo: Just another Viper Mastapiece troll?

TheViper: If that counts as a troll, then I suppose so 😛

Robo: You often use water maps as your home map in tournaments, what do you think of the new water maps (Bog Islands, Water Nomad, etc.) and terrains (buildable water)?

TheViper: I do like them, they do bring a new dimension to the game, where you’re forced to reinvent the playstyle for it. I always enjoy when you have to think about strategies, civilization choices, and have the option to come up with something new, so I really like them.

Robo: Speaking of something new, we’ve seen Indians picked quite often on Arabia. How do Indians compare in strength on this map compared to Aztecs, Huns and Mayans in standard AoC?

TheViper: I think Meso civs in general are quite nerfed in the expansions. They’re still viable, but I do think a couple of other civs are better now. Huns are still very strong, but I do think Indians just have such a solid tech tree and civ bonus, that they are one of the best, if not the best land civilization at the moment.

Robo: Indians have been picked on Arabia 9 times, and in non-mirror matches they have gone 2-3 (both of the wins vs Huns). Are there any civs that are a counter to the indians? Or is it mostly down to how the players play their matches?

TheViper: That’s kinda hard to stay at the moment. Obviously there are other strong civs too, and there is still a lot of room for experimenting, but I think Indians can react to anything, and there isn’t a specific civ that stands out as a counter. It would more be about forcing a playstyle out of the Indians I suppose, but even that is hard, as they can do just about everything.

Robo: Is that mostly because of how powerful their eco bonus is? Doesn’t the lack of knights hamper them in castle age?

TheViper: Yeah, their eco bonus leaves a lot of room for adapting. The lack of Knights isn’t really noticeable, because their camels are so strong still.

Robo: +1/1 armour is really that strong? still -1/1 armour on a knight and -4 attack

TheViper: It’s all kind of a combination where the Indians bonus makes it possible to advance the ages faster, and also with the Elite Skirmisher upgrade being cheaper, it makes a Camels/Skirmisher combo very viable, as Crossbows are usually the counter to camels in regular AOC. But yes, even the Camel alone is more than strong enough in a lot of cases, and once you get to Imperial Camel the game is over ^^

Robo: Final question, how do you think you will finish in the AoE All-Stars League?

TheViper: I’m off to a good start, and obviously have ambitions to get to the grand final. I would say top two, but there’s a lot of good players, so it will be tough.

TheViper’s final words to his fans:  Thanks to everyone cheering for me, I always feel all of your support and hope it continues! Really appreciate it, and I will do my best to do well. I also hope you keep supporting the EscapeAOE events as well, it’s really enjoyable to play these tournaments with the new expansions.