Zak ‘ZeroEmpires’ Robinson


This guy sucks. Quotes: “I suck”

Troy ‘Resonance22’ Hetzler

12th Feb (Semi/Grand Finals)

Resonance22 started out on YouTube back in 2010, when YouTube looked like this. He’s also the community manager for the Forgotten Empires team and has been involved in the development process for all of the AoEHD expansions.

Tristan ‘T90Official’ Berry

11th Feb (Round 2)



11th Feb (Round 1)

NilPferD is the highest rated player on the stream team, he’s extremely knowledgeable about the game and a real veteran; capable of bringing down many 2k+ rated players.


10th Feb (Qualifiers)

Memb is well known for his hype casting and Spanglish, he’s always full of energy and he loves this game! Quotes: “Badaboom” “Bambiii oh Bambii”