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The time has come where we must say goodbye to our CS:GO roster. It’s been a fast six months with some great success and in the end turned out to be a good learning experience for us. Unfortunately, since early April there were roster issues, as the team wanted to find the right player to round out our squad. Sadly, that person never came, and after trying numerous options we never hit our stride. It’s tough to have an unstable roster where you’re spending most of the time going over the same things with each new face time and again.
It’s this instability that causes inconsistent results and contributes to the breakdown of the team atmosphere. In reality it’s a kind of feedback loop, unsatisfactory results lead to the desire to make a roster change which in turn causes instability and impacts the results in a negative way. This way of thinking seems to push a team into a downward spiral, and whilst there were some fantastic victories along the way, our initial goals seemed to slip away. The solution of course – in retrospect – is to ride it out, no matter how bumpy the path may be and how challenging the obstacles are; it’s better to ride it out as a team and allow those experiences to harden you and to bring you forward together. That’s what being a team is all about.
With the players having different goals to each-other in the end, we decided that the best way forward is not to renew any contracts this September.

As an organization it’s really important for us to look at long term goals, we’re certainly going to be making sure that we’re working with the future in mind when we make our next steps in the CS:GO scene.

We want to wish everyone the best success going forward, we’re sure that each player will find their place and continue to move onward and upward.