Today we are pleased to launch the EscapeAoE Hall of Fame, a place to celebrate the greatest achievements of the players competing in our tournaments. We’ve been working hard to analyse and generate stats for all of the tournament games since Battle for Angkor and plan to expand this section of the website thoroughly once we process post-game achievements.

In the coming weeks we will be introducing medals, special awards for players who achieve things such as: Highest Average Relic Gold & Most Conversions. We’ll also be improving the profile pages with exclusive player content over the coming months! For now, why not head over to the Hall of Fame and check it out for yourself?


Track your favourite players’ performance across all EscapeAoE events, with key stats detailed on their player page. We’ll be adding additional stats soon, including post-game achievements.


Special records and achievements across all EscapeAoE events are listed on the main Hall of Fame page, along with the link to the VOD where you can see the record being achieved.


Each Hall of Fame player will have a custom profile created, highlighting their main individual achievements, special awards and exclusive content.

As always, we’re continually working to improve your experience as an Age of Empires 2 fan and viewer. If you have any feedback on these new pages please leave a comment below this article, we appreciate any input that you may have!