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In August, Escape Gaming proudly recruited Julien ‘Cydonia’ Perrault as the first member of our Hearthstone team. Cydonia’s impressive first place finishes at both the 2016 HCT Spring Preliminary and Spring Championship qualified him to compete at the 2016 BlizzCon Hearthstone World Championship in November. Cydonia would face the top 16 best Hearthstone players from the around the world, all fighting for a share of the colossal $1,000,000 prize pool.

His first match pitted him against Handsomeguy, the first place winner in both the Asia-Pacific Spring Championship and the Summer Championship as well. Despite Handsomeguy’s incredible record, Cydonia still defeated him 4-0 in an extremely convincing fashion.

Cydonia then had to battle Jasonzhou, who achieved first place in the 2016 Gold Series which solidified his reputation as one of the strongest Chinese Hearthstone players. Cydonia describes his matches as, “Against Jasonzhou I went down 0-2 early in the series and was really happy about the way I rebounded to 3-3, then I lost to a very strong Yogg” which ended the series 3-4 in favor of Jasonzhou.

Meanwhile, Handsomeguy defeated ThijsNL, Blizzcon’s crowd favorite and first place winner of the 2016 HCT Europe Spring Championship. Cydonia’s next game would be a rematch vs Handsomeguy in which Cydonia once gain decisively ended the series 4-1 in his favor. Cydonia explains that, “Against Handsomeguy everything went my way both times. This is the matchup I had the most time to prepare for and I think it showed as I played well.”

Cydonia now had to face Che0nsu, a very skilled Korean player who swept through the 2016 HCT Asia-Pacific Last Call to qualify for the BlizzCon World Championship. As Escape Gaming’s Hearthstone team manager, I drove across California to BlizzCon to cheer on Cydonia in his series. In Cydonia’s first game, he brought his N’Zoth Control Warrior and was pitted against a devastating opening from Che0nsu’s Dragon Warrior. Cydonia then miraculously stabilized with only 2 hit-points remaining on his hero. He carefully clawed his way back into the game and managed to seize his first victory against Che0nsu.


Cydonia summarizes his matches as, “Against Che0nsu I felt really favored, as in testing his Dragon Warrior and Tempo Mage did not perform very well. I managed to beat Dragon Warrior in the first game with my N’Zoth Control Warrior in a really close game that showed how favored the matchup was for me as I won even with a very bad draw. However everything went sideways as I lost games 2 and 3 to Ragnaros coin flips and fortunate draws on his part, then I was unable to pick up a win with Midrange Secret Hunter.” Che0nsu regained control as he closed out the series 1-4 in his favor, ending Cydonia’s BlizzCon run with an amazing Top 8 finish.

Cydonia describes BlizzCon as “an amazing experience! I am super happy to have gotten out of the group stages and to have the opportunity to play on the big stage!” We at Escape Gaming are extremely proud of Cydonia’s impressive performance at the 2016 BlizzCon Hearthstone World Championship and we can’t wait to see where the future will bring him. On the right you can see Troy ‘Resonance22’ Hetzler, Escape Gaming’s Hearthstone Team Manager, congratulating him in person at BlizzCon. Well played Cydonia! 

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