It’s nearly time for one of the coolest Age of Empires II events of the year, a live LAN grand final with Europe’s top 4 players! After four weekends of qualification TheViper, TaToH, Liereyy and MbL  will take to the stage for a double elimination showdown and a prize of $6,000!

The event will be broadcast live, starting at 08:00GMT on the EscapeAoE Mixer channel. Mixer is a Livestreaming service similar to Twitch and you’ll be able to catch all of the action there; with commentary from Nilpferd, T90, KillerB and ZeroEmpires!


Round 1
G1 – Arabia, Mirror
G2 – Losers Home Map, Free Pick
G3 – Winners Home Map, Free Pick

Losers Round 1
G1 – Arabia, Free Pick

Winners Final
G1 – EEC_Chaos_pit, Mirror
G2 – EEC_Bedouins, Free Pick
G3 – Lombardia, Free Pick

Losers Final
G1 – Cenotes, Mirror
G2 – EEC_El Dorado, Free pick
G3 – Arabia, Free pick

Grand Final
G1 – ECC_Fortress, Mirror
G2 – Bog Islands, Free Pick
G3 – WB HM, Free Pick
G4 – Serengeti, Free Pick
G5 – Arabia, Free Pick

Home Maps – Arena, Islands, Kilimanjaro, Nomad, Scandinavia
Time Limit – 900 years (1 hour 15 minutes)

Visitor Information

If you will be attending the live event this information is for you:

Gamescom will open at 09:00 local time on Saturday morning, the live event will start at 10:00, this should give you plenty of time to get into the venue and to find us!

We will be in Hall 5.2 at Booth b20. This should be easy to find, as there is also a map to the right on this page. Look out for the Game Legends signage, or ask any members of staff to direct you to hall 5.2. The booth is the largest in the hall so you should have no trouble spotting it once you’re in the right hall.

See you there! We will have some freebies to hand out to spectators as well as some fantastic AoE2 live on the stage!

Construction of the stage and booth has begun! You can catch some behind the scenes live footage next week on ZeroEmpires‘ stream.