We’re pleased to announce the GoatBet Series a new and exciting event for the Age of Empires 2 community, with all of the thrills of added real-money wagering! That’s right, you’ll be able to place bets on all GoatBet series matches; starting with a £35 Free Bet when you register with the promo code ESCAPE35. You can claim your free bet and wager on the upcoming match over at www.goatbet.com I’m sure you have many questions about this, we’ll hopefully answer all of those questions later, but first: The Settings!

Best of 7 | $300 Prize| EscapeAoE Stream | 19GMT | 27th May

G1– Arabia Mirror

G2– Loser G1 Home, Hidden Civs

G3– Winner G1 Home, Hidden Civs

G4– Regicide Fortress, Hidden Civs

G5– AoE All-Stars Map pack, Mirror

G6– AoE All-Stars Map pack, Mirror

G7– Arabia, Hidden Civs

When picking civs players may not choose a civ which has been picked before or been played in a mirror match.

Betting Q&A

  • All customers that sign up to GoatBet must be over the age of 18 and reside in a territory in which online gambling is legally permitted.
  • Support staff are available via twitter @goatbet or via email support@goatbet.com
  • Promo Code Terms & Conditions
  • Registered UK Gambling Commission License #: 98949
  • GoatBet will pay out according to official results reported on the escape.gg website

Full Rules

Gaming Rules

Home Maps
Fortress (Use BCC3@Fortress)
Ghost Lake
Gold Rush
Golden Pit
Team Islands

Each player is allowed one (1) restart in a series. This must be called during the first 4 minutes of the game.

Admin Restarts
If a player starts with a stuck villager, he may decide to restart the game, but this must be said before 1:00 minute game time. A restart requested due to a stuck villager does not count as one of the restarts awarded for a series.

A player can request bugged map restarts during the first 4 minutes (game time). A restart requested due to a bugged map does not count as one of the restarts awarded for a series.

A map counts as bugged if at least one of the following is true, in case of a standard resource start:

  • Gold: Less than 4 tiles of a main gold cluster are at least accessible on one side, extra golds are excluded.
  • Stone: Less than 2 tiles of a stone cluster are at least accessible on one side, extra stones are excluded.
  • Berries: Less than 4 tiles of a berry cluster are at least accessible on one side.
  • Animals: Spawned with less than 3 deer or less than 8 sheep or less than 2 boars or one or more of the animals being trapped.

Hidden Civilizations
Hidden Civilizations means a civilization must be picked, choosing “Random” is not allowed.
Utilising Captain’s Mode or messaging an admin.

The act of stealing any of an opponent’s starting 2 boar or starting 8 sheep and killing or causing the death of a villager with a scout unit during the first 8 minutes of the game. After 8:01 players are free to do anything in the pursuit of victory. (Minor Strike)

Intent To Play
By signing up and agreeing to play you will commit to playing each and every required game in the series. Leaving early or not competing all matches will result in a ban from all future events.

Players are entitled to 1 minute of pause time each match, players must state their reason for pausing immediately in the in-game chat. (Minor Strike)

Graphical Mods
Any graphic changes that only affects the player’s Age of Empires II: The Conquerors are allowed.

Cheating is not allowed under any circumstances. Players using any kind of cheat will be disqualified from the GoatBet Series event and banned from future events.

Stream Cheating
There will be a 3 minute stream delay on each match. Watching the live broadcast during the match is strictly forbidden and will result in immediate disqualification.

Strike System
Players will receive a Minor Strike for breaking any of the associated rules. Strikes will be tracked over all matches, with existing strikes being removed after 90 days. If a player accrues 3 strikes at any one time they will be permanently banned from future events.


If a player drops and the game is unable to be restored then the following will happen:

  • If the game time is less than 20 minutes the game will be replayed regardless of the game state.
  • After the 20 minute mark, a jury will decide the winner as follows:


Jury Members
2 Votes
Player 1
Player 2
1 Vote
Admin 1
Admin 2
Admin 3

Question: Was there a clear leader who was undoubtedly going to win?
If the Jury does not come to an agreement with +2 votes in favour then the match must be replayed. Else the leading player will be awarded the win.

Betting Rules

Betting on own matches
Placing a wager on any match that the player will also take part in is strictly forbidden. Having a third party place a bet on your behalf for such a match is also forbidden and will result in expulsion from any future events. GoatBet employs fraudulent detection algorithms and will investigate any suspected cases fully.

Match Fixing
a). To maintain the integrity of all events, players who indicate any intent to fix a match result will be blacklisted from any competitions where betting is available.

b). Any player who is found to be complicit in fixing match outcomes will be immediately banned from all competitions regardless if betting is available or not. A full investigation will ensue to determine the extent of the fraudulent behaviour and any matches which are determined to be affected will be nullified and refunded.

UK Gambling Commission
All GoatBet Series events are overseen by the UK Gambling Commission under license number: 98949. All operations strictly follow the UK Laws and Gambling Commission regulations to ensure the integrity and reliability of the platform. GoatBet will work closely with the UK Gambling Commission to fully investigate any suspicious patterns or behaviour.