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Greetings from Seattle!


That’s right folks, our Dota 2 squad successfully battled their way through the intense wild card stage and claimed one of the two spots up for grabs in The International’s group stage! In the first match of what would prove to be a long and grueling day of matches, Escape took on Complexity Gaming, a strong American squad and one of the wild card favorites. After losing the opening game, our boys rallied and took the final two games and the match convincingly and were one step closer to the main event!


Their next opponent was the seasoned Chinese team EHOME who had themselves just bested the Southeast Asian team Execration. Despite putting forth a valiant effort and keeping it close both games, Escape was unable to claim victory and gave up the first group stage slot to their Chinese counterparts. Undeterred, our boys found themselves staring down the barrel of an all too familiar sight: a spot in the biggest e-sports tournament in the world only one match away.


After besting Complexity with a surprise Meepo pick, the match was set. Escape or Execration, only one team could continue through the wild cards to play for a shot at millions of dollars and the aegis of champions trophy. Game one was extremely close for the majority of the early game with Execration’s Mirana getting out to a fast net worth advantage over KheZzu’s Batrider in lane. However, Escape were able to turn the tide after multiple big team fights and plays outside the Roshan pit. On the back of Era’s immaculate Tiny play, Escape seized victory in game one. Game two was a different story entirely. Before the creep horn ever sounded team captain SyndereN had virtually already secured victory with a dazzling draft centered around Huskar and Dazzle, a combination Escape had yet to debut. After dominating every lane Execration was forced to surrender after losing 2 lanes of barracks before twenty minutes and with that Escape had done it!



While we are excited and overjoyed at today’s performance we know the real tournament begins now. We will be playing in Group A, competing against other big times Dota 2 squads like Na’Vi, Alliance, OG and LGD. As always, continue to follow our progress through this amazing tournament and keep your eyes out for more exclusive content coming from us out of Seattle! We appreciate all our your dedication and overwhelming support and we wouldn’t be here without fans like YOU!