Beware, spoilers ahead!

TheViper, once again, was crowned in the world of Age of Empires II with a 5-1 win over TaToH in the grand final of All-Star League.

In game 1, we could see TaToH did a beautiful tower rush in TheViper’s base and completely owned him. In game 2 and 3, TheViper demonstrated his exceptional ability of game prediction and strategic adaption according to the situation. Game 4 was the most epic Baltic game among the whole All-Star League series. It had not only fire galley war but also everything else.  In game 5, the main show was TheViper showing how to defend with only mangonels when booming. The last game was quick and sharp stab by TheViper by doing everything earlier than the enemy.
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– Thank you to Poledancer for writing the summaries!

Game 1

Map: Arabia
Civilization: TheViper – Huns
                      TaToH – Huns

Losing a villager due to TheViper’s laming didn’t slow down TaToH’s tower rush which took TheViper’s berries, second woodline, second gold and both stone piles. TheViper managed to keep his first woodline and main gold with defensive towers but his economy was quite behind. He also sent a few scouts to harass TaToH’s economy but all of TaToH’s resources were protected by either walls or spearmen. Later, TheViper went for archers but TaToH’s scouts and spearmen still dominated the front line and sealed the victory for him.

Game 2

Map: Ghost Lake
Civilization: TheViper – Britons
                      TaToH – Ethopians

Both player went for militia rush + fast castle and massed crossbowmen after advancing to the Castle Age. The following was an intensive micro competition though TaToH was struggling due to Britons’ archers +1 range civilization bonus. TaToH then added elite skirmishers and mangonel to his troops while TheViper was booming with four town centers. However, when TaToH marched to TheViper’s base, TheViper’s knights were waiting for him. TaToH called gg after most of his forward units quickly butchered by TheViper’s knights.

Game 3

Map: Team Island
Civilization: TheViper – Italians
                  TaToH – Italians

TheViper advanced to the Feudal Age a bit earlier than TaToH and his third and fourth dock  which  placed in the back of his island, were also up earlier than TaToH’s. The water was mainly controlled by TheViper after the Castle Age. Both player sneaked villagers into the enemy’s island. On TheViper’s island, TaToH built four barracks to spam condottiero but most of TheViper’s resources were protected by town centers. Meanwhile, TheViper’s raiding to TaToH’s economy wasn’t very efficient either. But TheViper quickly modified his strategy to push from the southwest of TaToH’s island with condottiero and bombard cannons. TaToH eventually resigned when his population was far behind.

Game 4

Map: Baltic
Civilization: TheViper – Indians
                     TaToH – Indians

TaToH lost a villager to TheViper’s scouts in the Feudal Age. TheViper didn’t invest much on water in the Feudal Age but caught up quickly after advancing to the Castle Age much earlier than his opponent. TaToH controlled the water in the late Castle Age for a moment but again TheViper came from behind after the Imperial Age. At the same time, both players dropped forwarded stables to attack from land with hussars which were mostly denied by the defensive castles of both players. The following was Imperial camel battle. TheViper also added some trebuchets and bombard galleons to break the stone walls in the south of TaTH’s base. The game was finished when TaToH’s defensive down to trebs and TheViper’s Imperial camels raided throughout TaToH’s base.

Game 5

Map: Regicide Fortress
Civilization: TheViper – Indians
                     TaToH – Vietnamese

TaToH went for fast castle and then sent rattan archers + sieges to TheViper’s base at 16th minute. TheViper only defended with mangonels and kept booming in the back with 3 town centers. The damage made by TaToH’s army was fairly limited. The game was finished when TheViper advanced to the Imperial Age with much better economy and won the castle dropping competition in the middle of the map.

Game 6

Map: Migration
Civilization: TheViper – Vikings
                  TaToH – Vikings

TheViper advanced to the Feudal Age earlier with only 20 villagers + 4 fishing ships. The navy war started from TaToH’s side. TheViper went to the Castle Age with only two docks but immediately upgraded to war galleys. TaToH resigned when most of his resources were exposed the the enemy’s war galleys and he was still in the Feudal Age.

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