We are pleased to announce the launch of our Age of Empires II team, a collaboration between the most well known streamers and players in the community. In partnership with Twitch.tv the team will be contributing a part of their streaming revenue each month to a prize-pot which will be used to host and run Age of Empires II events and tournaments under the Escape Gaming banner.

In no particular order the team consists of-

us1 Troy “Resonance22” Hetzler

us1 Tristan “T90” Berry

no[1] Ørjan “TheViper” Larsen

es1 “Memb

no[1] Morten “MbL” Levernes

uk1 Zak “ZeroEmpires” Robinson

Now your subscription to any of these players or streamers means that much more, you’ll be directly contributing to the future of Age of Empires II. We’re hoping to bring the community closer together by bringing the major streamers under one brand which they can represent and feel confidence in. 

Once the prize-pot has grown to a good size we will work together to organise, run and promote events hosted under the Escape Gaming brand. These events will have full coverage from members of the team but will have a completely open streaming policy which will allow anyone to start up their Twitch channel and share the games with their communities.

Keep a look out for future announcements!