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BracketAfter a long day of battling through the open qualification stage for the DreamHack Tours Minor we made it to the round of sixteen with many comfortable victories, including our final match versus team wiC which we won in 16-1 fashion.

“We reached the top 8 comfortably”

However, after a run of good games for the guys we met the Copenhagen Wolves in the round of eight, at this point we had already secured our spot in the closed qualification stage but the remaining matches would be played out anyway to determine the seeding. Sadly we suffered a 16-10 defeat on Inferno versus the Wolves and ended with a low seed. This means that we will face SK Gaming tomorrow in the closed qualification stage in order to attempt a top 4 finish and qualify to the Tours LAN.

Good luck to all of the teams participating and let’s see some great CounterStrike tomorrow.

We’ll keep you updated with how our #RoadToTours progresses!