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Today Escape Gaming is pleased to announce that Julien ‘Cydonia’ Perrault will be the first member of our Hearthstone team. We reached out to Cydonia after his impressive performance so far in the 2016 Hearthstone Championship Tour. Despite fierce competition, Cydonia achieved first place at both the 2016 HCT Spring Preliminary and the Spring Championships. This guarantees him a spot at the 2016 Blizzcon Hearthstone World Championships where he will compete in the biggest tournament of the year. We are really looking forward to working with Julien and supporting him in maintaining top level play on ladder as well as in tournaments.

Cydonia is one of the newer names in competitive Hearthstone, but he has already proven his ability to take on the game’s top players. He is from Montreal, Canada where he works as a healthcare professional. He started playing Hearthstone at the urging of his friends and was immediately hooked, then gradually transitioned to competitive play. His current favorite class is Druid because of all the careful decisions you have to make while planning out your mana curve and taking advantage of flexible cards like Raven Idol.

At the Spring Championships, Julien strategically adjusted his decks to topple the new standard metagame. He notably added Ragnaros to his C’thun Druid and built a special Warlock Zoo deck specifically designed to beat Freeze Mage with cards such as Crazed Alchemist, Gormok the Impaler, and Argent Horserider. He felt that by bringing a roster of decks that were weak to Warlock Zoo and then banning it, he was able to tailor his decks to win other crucial match-ups without the fear of losing to other Warlock decks. After his recent impressive win streak, Cydonia joins Escape Gaming to carry the momentum forward.

We spoke to Cydonia earlier about his thoughts on joining Escape Gaming:

I’m super happy to announce that I am now the first member of Escape Gaming’s Hearthstone team. I’m looking forward to representing the team at many events including Dreamhack Montreal, HCT Summer Preliminaries and Blizzcon. I’m also excited to start streaming on Twitch soon under the Escape banner. I plan to keep offering great performances on ladder and in tournaments. Thanks to Escape for believing in me!

You can follow Cydonia on his official social media pages here: