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After several difficult, heart-stopping matches, Escape Gaming’s DotA 2 squad has successfully qualified for The International 6’s wildcard stage! The path to the wildcards was not an easy one, after tying for first place in the round robin, Escape fought tooth and nail in the playoffs to secure their wildcard spot and a trip to Seattle Washington to play against the best DotA teams in the world.

With a prize-pool of eighteen million US dollars and continuing to climb, The International is the premier DotA 2 tournament of the year and will be Escape Gaming’s chance to cement their place as one of the top teams in Europe and the world. The team’s previous International veterans syndereN, qojqva and Era will be making their return to this event while YapzOr and KheZu will each be making their first appearance. The stakes have never been higher as the team sets its sights on Seattle.

$18,089,670 +

With their eyes set on victory and “The Aegis of Champions” trophy, Escape Gaming will begin their rigorous training in a boot camp in Dortmund, Germany. Beginning July 25th and running until their departure for United States, the team will practice relentlessly, honing their skills and developing strategies for their upcoming qualification matches against Complexity, Execration and EHOME, the other teams who qualified for the Wildcard stage.In this quest, Escape will be aided by the addition of former professional player Benjamin “Notah” Läärä who assisted Escape behind the scenes in the qualifiers and who will be coaching Escape Gaming for The International. Helping to coordinate strategy as well as researching opponents, Benjamin has proven himself as formidable coach and integral part of Escape Gaming’s success thus far.

Now all we need is YOU! Follow along and cheer for us as we embark upon this incredibly challenging yet exciting adventure and stay tuned for more updates and content to come.