The Escape Champions League is a year long Age of Empires 2 tournament with over $60,000 in prizes. 8 Teams will compete in 14 different events throughout the year, attempting to score points for their team and win a portion of the prize pool. The two teams with the most points at the end will attend an offline grand final to crown the overall winner.

Each of the 14 events belong to a themed stage, with each stage having two events. These themed stages set the scene for the map pools and civilization pools which players will have to pick from. Each stage also contains two different event formats, from 1v1 to 4v4; putting the teams through their paces in every map, civilization and match format possible.

Europe East Africa Middle East East Asia Southeast Asia Americas Europe West
1v1 | 4v4 2v2 | 3v3 1v1 | 3v3 2v2 | 4v4 1v1 | 3v3 2v2 | 4v4 1v1 | 3v3
$8,500 $7,700 $7,000 $9,200 $7,000 $9,200 $7,000
Current Stage


Secret SY Aftermath Suomi
Frantic Lords of Skull VNA Coachers

The 8 teams who made it through qualification will compete for the whole year, you can see detailed standings and team roster information on the standings page.