Since 2011 Zak has been creating Age of Empires 2 content on YouTube, from expert game commentary and tutorials to community game matches. Most well known for his Fast Castle interactive tutorial which has helped thousands to learn this basic but important build order. His channel saw a lot of growth with the video titled “I have no words for this game.” – a nearly 2 hour long epic match which has been watched over 1.8M times on YouTube. As the founder of Escape Gaming Zak is trying to professionalise the game and host some of the biggest and best tournaments we’ve seen.



T90 started creating content back in 2015 and has since grown to become one of the most recognisable people in the Age of Empires 2 community. Well known for popularising the Forest Nothing map thanks to his epic community game matches Tristan also likes to cast and play AoE2 at a high level; reaching 2000 Elo on Voobly and having a natural talent for commentary of the game.



Since the early days of the Zone Memb has loved this game. Known for his enjoyment of Rage Forest and his high energy casting style there’s no doubt that Memb has left an impression on the community. Responsible for hosting and fundraising for the King of the Desert and Battle of Africa tournaments which saw all-time viewer records set for competitive Age of Empires 2; Memb is passionate about seeing the game grow.



Nili has been in the Age of Empires community since the dawn of time as both a player and content creator. Ever since the early 2000’s Nili was attending LAN parties in Germany and making a name for himself as one of the top German players. More recently he’s been hosting his own events such as Nilis Apartment Cup, which saw 6 of Europe’s best players competing in his apartment for a week; fighting for a prize of over $2,500. His Clash of the Hippo events create some exciting and challenging settings for top experts to try and have always been entertaining to watch.



The Aussie legend and long time AoE2 creator Turk has been active in the community since 2012, mostly focusing on high level matches with his enthusiastic casting style. Turk has made various tutorial videos and his Wacky Wednesday series where he focuses on out of the box strategies and crazy plays. As of 2017 Turk became a member of the Forgotten Empires team as Community Manager and is responsible for keeping in contact with the community.



Tyler has that smooth sultry voice that you just can’t get enough of, and while he’s the newest caster he’s already becoming a much loved one – with his impressive vocabulary and enjoyable casting style. He’s also hosting his own events with the KillerB’s Arabia Cup and the Split B Tuesdays; aimed at motivating and incentivizing the up and coming 2000 Elo players to push through and make it to the top.