Escape Gaming is proud to announce the Escape Gaming Masters with eight players facing off in a double elimination bracket for $3,000 in prizes.

Battle for Angkor was a great success in December, we want to continue in that vein by hosting yet another event this January. The tournament format is mostly the same but this time we will introduce new settings and see some new players step up to the plate. Once again all games will be streamed on the EscapeAoE channel.

Our top four finishers from BfA have been invited back whilst the bottom four have been invited to a new qualification bracket the day before the main event.

Main Event – 21st-22nd Jan

On 20th January we will see an eight player single elimination Bo1 qualification where the top four finishers will advance to the main event on 21st-22nd January.


Community Civilization Pool

Khmer, Vietnamese, Malay, Burmese, Ethiopians, Malians, Incas, Portuguese, Slavs and Indians.

Civilization Picks

Once ten civs are selected we will use the captains mode website to allow players to pick/ban.

Map Pool

There are ten maps in the pool, two from each version of Age of Empires; from the Kings to the Rajas. Before each match one map will be randomly selected.

  • Arabia
  • Gold Rush
  • Arena
  • Valley
  • Hideout
  • Cenotes
  • Kilimanjaro
  • Serengeti
  • Bog Island
  • Pacific Island

Casters / Analyst

Once again the event will be Hosted by ZeroEmpires, with co-casting from T90Official and Resonance22. The qualifiers will also see co-casting from memb.

We are pleased to welcome back Nilpferd for post-game analyst.

Prize Pool

  1.  $1,200
  2.  $750
  3.  $450
  4.  $300
  5. /6. $100 | 7./8. $50

This event is sponsored by Escape Gaming