Exclusive AoE2: Definitive Edition Stream - Expert Player Matches

EscapeTV is pleased to announce that in partnership with Microsoft we’ll be bringing you three exclusive show-matches in the new AoE2: Definitive Edition. During the ECL Live finals at the Escape Studio in Manchester we’ll have live commentary from the developers and a chat Q&A where you’ll be able to ask your questions directly. The best players in the world: TheViper, DauT, Hera and MbL will all face off in three matches over the weekend, giving you a first-time look at how competitive AoE2 plays out in the upcoming Definitive Edition.


31st August: 21:00 GMT – TheViper vs DauT

1st Sept: 12:00 GMT – MbL vs Hera

1st Sept: 20:00 GMT – 2v2 TBA


Streamed Live on: Twitch.tv/EscapeAoE

News & Updates: EscapeTV Discord


This is your chance to see the Definitive Edition in the hands of the experts for the very first time! We’re extremely excited and look forward to seeing you on the stream.

The ECL Finals Schedule