“We want blood!”, “We want more!”

It’s been just three months since we started EscapeAoE and what a crazy time it’s been so far. We’ve seen four major events, record breaking streams and massive amounts of positive feedback from the community. Thanks to your support we’re going to be launching Mid-Week Madness, Wednesday night streams featuring different settings each week aimed at bringing out the more crazy side of the players.

Kicking things off on the 8th March at 19GMT we will start with a suggestion from our Patreon supporter – Carlini8. Thanks to his huge contributions to our project we’re giving him the honour of being the Chief Mayhem Director.

Settings for this week – (Full settings here)

“This week we’ll see a Best of 5 between two teams, but this isn’t any ordinary match! Teams will have three players each but here’s the twist: one player is rated 2200+ the second is 1800+ and the third is 1600+. Your team captains will be DauT and TheViper, but they’re looking for teammates; it could be you if you sign up now!”

1800+ Player:


1600+ Player:


1800+ Player:


1600+ Player:


As always, we really hope you’ll enjoy this event. It’s a bit less serious than our usual weekend tournaments and should give us some really fun matches. Personally I’m super excited to see the Motherland map (check it out if you haven’t seen this special map yet)!