Serengeti is a tough map to play, with lots of open space and sparse wood-lines making walling a challenge. The map provides players with lots of early game food, usually leading to early action. You’ll find cracked terrain which weakens any buildings built atop it and sand patches which can’t be built on at all.


Players spawn around the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, which dominates the center of the map. It’s where the better woodlines in the mid to late game can be found but also one of the harder areas of the map to fortify. The mountain is extremely hilly, making building challenging- and the very top of the mountain doesn’t contain any valuable resources to fight for. Around the town center players start with about 400 less food than a regular Arabia map.


This map is extremely open, with the same starting resources as Arabia but smaller and more sparse wood-lines. This could be a problem if players are lamed early in the game and could lead to a snowball effect. Wood is harder to secure and so towers can be extremely valuable here.


Players start on lush terrain with plenty of food, wood, gold and stone to get started – however, as the game goes on players will need to fight more actively for the center of the map. In the middle, there’s additional gold spots which can be crucial to winning the game.


The Africa water map is Team Islands, since it’s only 2v2 and 3v3 for this stage this map promises to deliver some great games. Team Islands is a classic water map with high water aggression but plenty of opportunities for landings.


The most Gorge-ous map in the Africa map pool! Our out of the box map pick here will see players starting on their own private hills; surrounded by black stone which can not be built on. Atop their hill they will find plenty of food, wood and gold but a total lack of stone. In order to mine stone players must venture into the gorge, a valley made by the dark terrain and boasting excellent stone mining opportunities.


Created by Mukdk and the winner of the Africa Map Competition, Rift Island fits perfectly into the pool. With the potential for lots of aggression across the center of the map where a watering hole features a huge number of hunt-able Zebra. Around the edge there is plenty of water and fishing opportunity as well, prompting players to find the perfect balance between land and water. Watch out for landing attempts, as walling off completely from the water is extremely difficult. Rift Island promises to be a very exciting new map!