In the tropical rainforest food is abundant, but jaguars stalk beneath the canopy. Expect the extra food to lead to fast up-times and strong early economies protected by rivers.


An open land studded with sinkholes but only a few clusters of trees. Cenotes is a fairly standard map that should play similarly to Arabia. Players can use the ponds and woodlines to wall their base or try to play more aggressively and force early engagements.




A whole heap of gold and a few wolves in the middle of a desert. Crafty players will use the wolves to their advantage, luring a pack of wolves into their enemies’ economies. The center of the map promises to be the center of the action, as players must fight to control the gold that rests atop the middle hill.





Wood is scarce in the arid deserts west of the Andes mountains. As the world’s driest desert, expect players to fight to control the little wood that is present at the center of the map. Without any large forests, cliffs or natural wall, this map should provide very open and aggressive games.


Caribbean features pure naval combat as each player starts on a small island and must advance quickly to claim control of the high seas. Central islands contain small amounts of gold for whoever is able to claim the middle of the map. As the region’s only pure water map, expect it to be picked by teams who feel they have an advantage on the water.


The ultimate Easter Egg map. Located on either side of the tasty burger, players have the opportunity to expand outwards onto  the water and or the the outskirts of the map with plenty of additional resources. Will players eat through it, expand outwards, or sail around the bun and surprise the enemy?


A dry map with large clusters of cliffs around the outside representing the mesas in the southwest deserts of the US. There can also be central cliff clusters, but even then, gameplay is very open. Wood is scarcer than it might seem from the screenshots (because much of it is intentionally inaccessible in cliffs), and will require setting up lumber camps along the edge of cliffed areas. The controlled cliff techniques shown in this map were pioneered by me [Zetnus], and I believe are still pretty unique and not seen elsewhere. Winner of the Americas region of the map competition.


A ravine filled with gold beckons, but its depths loom treacherously as enemies lie in wait on the other side. Controlling the gold is risky, as sitting at the bottom of the pit leaves you vulnerable to attacks coming from the top of the surrounding hill.


On El Dorado player’s Town Centers sit above fish-filled shallows as players must eventually move away from the safety of this building. There is an abundance of gold and stone in the middle of the map, always visible to all players. With only two tiles each of gold and stone in each player’s base, the center mines will be the primary area of conflict. A ring of water surrounds the outside, but is taking the fish worth delaying an attack on the middle?