The most picked map in Europe East, bringing a strong mix of land and water thanks to the four corner ponds which are teeming with fish. Players focused on controlling as many ponds as possible while trying to attack/defend on land at the same time. Fish are king and players will do anything to get those ponds.


A hybrid map with an abundance of food, Scandinavia offers 3 boar per player and even additional deer making the Mongols a popular choice. With water flanking the map and plentiful fish to be had there’s certainly an element of water control to consider, however, in the end the battle is won on the land- with water being less of an important factor than Cross.


They say at the Acropolis where the Parthenon is…. Acropolis is a Fast paced and full of action, this open map is dominated by scout fights in the early game as players try to out-manoeuvre each other in a match of wits and speed. The top of each Acropolis only provides very small woodlines, so players must send villagers away from the safety of the Town Centers in order to chop wood, creating an opening for attack.


An all-out land map with a dried up river running through the center provides a great spot for some hunting – masses of deer and some shore fish populate the middle of the map and provide lots of additional food. However, this area will be hard fought as it’s much more open than the players’ starting locations where there’s ample tree cover to wall with. This makes for a good balance between aggressive and defensive play-styles.


It wouldn’t be EscapeAoE without some classic Baltic – one of the most watery of the water maps, meaning that players need to have lightning fast up times and build order perfection if they want to take a win here. Landings are not out of the question though and as much as the game can be decided by winning the water a bit of land action can certainly bring the game back under control.


There is only one word to describe this map: Chaos. With a two town center start and double the resources of a standard map players start booming from the first minute. By minute fifteen don’t be surprised to see a three stable knight rush with unbroken production! There’s a lot of tree cover in the center of the map making for some easy walling, but the ponds around the edge make for great opportunities to transport around those walls.


Very different to the other maps in the pool – Arena starts with closed walls around your Town Center and a free and easy Fast Castle is definitely possible. Once in the Castle Age the possibilities begin to open up with many rush strategies available as well as the ability to boom safely behind your walls. Fights for the relics are common and wall busts with Petards are definitely a possibility!