Clearing features battles that take place deep within a forest. Featuring a similar layout to the classic Black Forest map, Clearing offers a closed map that should lead to strong booms, large armies, and epic late game battles.



A handful of cities on opposite ends of a wintry landscape must share, trade, and coordinate in their efforts to defeat the enemy. This map uses the group by team feature to start players close together so they end up creating one large base from which to launch their attacks.




Acropolis is a Fast paced and full of action, this open map is dominated by scout fights in the early game as players try to out-maneuver each other in a match of wits and speed. The top of each Acropolis only provides very small woodlines, so players must send villagers away from the safety of the Town Centers in order to chop wood, creating an opening for attack.





On Highland two teams are separated by a river with shallow crossings. Teams can attempt to wall the shallows and fight on the water for control of the river, but even a single sneaky villager can lead to an unexpected attack that drastically changes the balance of power on this battlefield.


Fortress is a classic map that is played with the Regicide game mode. Players start with a walled city with gates and all the buildings they need to build up their forces quickly. Will players be able to keep their kings alive, or can a few clandestine petards lead to an unexpected victory?


Houseboat features quite a unique start. Each player has a town center on tiny island in the middle of a small pond. The players must constantly micromanage their transport ship to migrate villagers from this starting island out to claim resources on the surrounding mainland.


This coastal area, spanning current day Dutch and German coasts, is surrounded by islands connected to land by shallow wads. These small islands contain resources that will quickly become scarce on the mainland. This map is the winner of the Western Europe region of the map competition, made by abductedPlatypus.


Team Aopolis is a Fast paced map through the mid game, with all the players spawning together the initial bases are easy to defend. However as the game progresses players are expected to expand beyond the confines of their original base out into the open. The top of each Acropolis only provides very small woodlines leading to this shift in strategy.