Bog Islands is a map covered mostly in marshland, with the exceptions of the main starting islands and unwalkable lake in the center. The marshlands allow buildings to be constructed as well as units and ships to traverse the terrain. The natural resources on the map are quite generous for players with the exception of fish, while gold and stone is generally quite limited on the starting island. Players can also explore the sides of the map to find additional water buffalo.


Hill Fort spawns players on top of a large hill with palisades around the top and a shallow mote below. Each hill contains all the essential starting resources with further wood lines and gold/stone mines spread across the map. Considering the resource distribution, expanding throughout the castle and Imperial age is paramount towards finding success on Hill Fort.




Riverbed spawns players along a marshy riverbed flanked by steepĀ unbuildable hills on either side. The resources available on Riverbed throughout the early stages of the game are sufficient with additional wood, food and gold available along the high ground. Occasionally there might also be enough deep sea fish and box turtles to justify docking in the early game, making the possibility of demolition ships all the more likely.





Atoll is a pure water map with players only having tiny connections to a shared island with plenty of additional resources. Each player has relatively limited resources through the castle age, prompting expansion and strong contention over the additional resources in the center if the water hasn’t been won by that point.


Bog spawns players on opposite sides of the map to each other, with a large body of water interlaced by marshlands in-between. The outside of the map can be walled relatively easily, however the bog pathways and shallows around the edges of the lake make walling as a whole particularly awkward without setting yourself behind. Standard water play is to be expected, however the land integration might mix things up with some composite strategies.


Decentring is one of the classic custom random maps and has been around the scene for years now. Players spawn with no town center and only 200 wood, meaning lumber camps are required before building town centers. While players collect the wood necessary for town centers they’ll be exploring and transporting their water buffalo the the edge of the map, where they’ll find additional water buffalo, Rhinos wood, gold and stone mines. The water itself contains a plentiful amount of fish and is pivotal for taking map control.


Enemy Archipelago spawns each player on an island with one opponent, leaving team-mates to their own devices throughout the early game. Keep in mind however, that if one player falls behind they can bailout onto their team mates islands, players can also support each other through water control and or landings to double their opponents. Expect to sere chaotic games on this map where mental fortitude will help hold the best teams together.