Performance Based Partnerships

Reach an untapped audience with our professional eSports programming.

We Are Hosting The AoE2 Superbowl

The Escape Champions League LAN final marks the end of a longstanding Microsoft backed league. Escape Gaming have been running the league for the past year and now the top three teams will attend our Manchester studio to play the grand finals. The qualified teams are:  Team Secret, AfterMath & Suomi.

The finals will be broadcast live on Twitch and in front of a live studio audience of 100 viewers, this will take place on the final weekend of August; 30th, 31st & 1st Sept.

We’d like to invite you to read the following information and consider partnering with us to build your brand awareness, drive sales and appeal to an untapped audience.

The Viewership Is Increasing

Fully backed by Microsoft and the largest Age of Empires 2 LAN in history. The ECL finals promises to break all previous viewer records as the upward trend continues.

Our Viewers Are Older

With over 60% of our viewership falling into the 25-34 range we have a significantly older base than most channels. There’s also considerably less overlap between AoE2 and other gaming audiences.

Our Viewers Are High Value

With North America and EMEA taking over 70% of our total viewership we’re confident that they are the right audience for you.

Top 5 Countries By Viewership

The majority of our viewers come from high GDP locations, meaning that they have more disposable income.


Dedicated Community
A meeting place for fans from all around the world. Our studio is more than just the livestream.
Head To Head
Players compete live in our custom built studio with up to 100 spectators.


Stream Panel

Have your custom banner displayed prominently underneath our stream. Banners are clickable and can be set to a custom URL, this is a great way to drive traffic from an in-stream CTA.

In-Stream Logos

This category referrs to anywhere that logo placement can be seen in physical areas of the studio. For instance on an interview wall or part of banners. Kindly demonstrated below by a dashing chap from the Premier League. 

Lower Thirds

Your logo added to our lower third rotation. This position is visible during all of the moments when the stream is out of game, allowing you to get logo visibility consistently throughout the stream.

1 Video Ad Per 3 Hours

Un-Skippable custom advert displayed at least once per three hours. This ad will be broadcast directly to the stream meaning that adblockers are not effective. Ads may be up to 30 seconds long in the Bronze package.

Banner Logos

All social media banners, website banners, newsletter banners and misc banners will be updated to display your logo in an elegant manner. These will be used for the duration of the event and in the run-up to it. 



Verbal Acknowledgement

During down-time is the perfect time to shout out sponsor messages and deliver a strong CTA. We’ll work with you to determine what messaging to broadcast that will best appeal to our audience. As we’ll be extremely grateful to co-operate with you the verbal acknowledgement will truly be genuine and sincere. 

Sponsored Posts

We want to partner with brands and companies that we personally support. With a genuine and well crafted sponsored post we can reach our audience via social media platforms such as: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Many viewers love to interact and get involved in the live chat. This is where our chat bot can regularly post pre-set messages for all to see. You will have your own pre-set message which will be displayed on rotation in the chat. Links can be clicked to direct traffic exactly where you want it.

1 Video Ad Per Hour

As in the Bronze package, only video ads may be up to 60 seconds long and will be played more frequently in the ad-rotation. We guarantee to show your video ad on average every 1 hour.

In-Studio TV Rotation

There are multiple times during the stream where we’re interviewing players, providing updates and filling time. During these scenes a large TV is visible and available as advertising space.

Product Placement

If there’s an opportunity to place your product within view, use your product or otherwise show off your product in the studio then this deliverable is for you. Working with you to determine the best way to integrate your product placement is a high priority, we believe that product placement should be done naturally and in a way which complements the stream. 

Product placement is great if you do it well, here’s a fun and controversial example.



Custom Scene Transition

We use video transitions when moving between different scenes. With this package you’ll be able to display your own branded transition as we move between scenes. 

PlayerCam Logo

We will integrate your branding into the player webcam sections during pre-game scenes. 


All of the matches played during the event will be uploaded to YouTube where they may be viewed up to a million or more times. Each video will have a custom thumbnail with your logo shown, here you can see the  logo which would be replaced.

Discord Announcement

Our Discord community is over 1600 members strong and serves as a great communication tool. Prior to large events we will create an announcement and tag everyone in the server. We can tailor this announcement to include a sponsored message or image.

In-Game Overlay

Your logo displayed at all times on the game UI. This ensures that your brand is visible during gameplay and has no competition in gaining recognition. The majority of content during the stream is in-game footage. 


We can run two types of giveaway, that you can choose from freely.

Option One: is to use our pre-made goal bar as pictured to the left. Here we can set custom goals, such as reaching 5000 concurrent viewers. 

Upon reaching the goal a giveaway will be triggered where viewers in the chat may enter the raffle for free. 

With your logo prominently displayed at the top of the goal bar viewers will easily make the connection to your brand. This type of giveaway drives up viewership and exposure which can also be capitalized on in other areas of the stream.

Option Two: is to use, a popular giveaway service which can be used to drive social media follows and other interactions. More entry tickets are rewarded to a user that completes more actions.

This option can tie in well with sponsored posts and help to drive retweets and engagements on them.

Pricing Explained

Get What You Pay For

You only pay for what you get with our per hour tarriffs. Charges are calculated each hour based on the number of viewers and the package that you have selected. 

A partner on the Bronze Tariff would pay $2 per 1000 viewers at the end of each hour. This hour by hour system adjusts pricing based on real viewership metrics and ensures that you get exactly what you pay for.

Competitive Rates

Given that our pricing is based on max concurrent viewers within an hour the number of people that you may reach can be significantly higher. The total number of unique viewers for an average stream is between 9-15x higher than the max ccv. Our CPM is extremely competitive when this is considered.

In addition, any VOD views on Twitch or YouTube are not factored in to the pricing- giving you a large number of additional views for free. 

Working With Us

We strive to work closely with all partners to ensure that we deliver your package to your specification. It’s our philosophy to only build partnerships that we believe in ourselves, so you’ll never see your content alongside something else that isn’t a great fit for us. 

It’s our goal to tailor the service to your needs and we can assist with creating any graphic elements, calls to action or any other required content.