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Please note: Registration is not yet fully automated, you will be emailed with a unique link before the Saturday stream starts. Please only submit your registration once, and check your email spam folder for our response. Each person may have one account.


Welcome to the ECL Fantasy game, allowing you to make match predictions, score points and win prizes*! The game is simple; you start with 1500 points and wager them by making match predictions. Each prediction has a payout which is shown as a decimal, these odds change in real-time based on the wagers being made by everyone else. You can change your wagers and strategy right up until the match start; the odds shown when the match prediction closes are the final odds that you will receive.

At the end of each stage (Europe East/Africa) all players will be given some new coins to play with if their balance is low, so even if you lose you can still continue to play! So whether you’re rooting for your favourite team or want to see your name at the top of the leader-board you’ll definitely want to register to play – it’s much more fun when there’s imaginary internet points at stake!

*Prizes TBA.


1. You can only bet a maximum of 1000 points per specific result (like Team A winning 3-0) and 10000 on the results “Team A To Win”.
2. At the bottom of your player sheet is your balance (points available to bet with). If this number reaches less than zero as a result of you placing bets, none of your bets will be counted so make sure it stays above or equal to zero.
3. Players competing in the tournament may not bet on their own matches under any circumstance. Doing so will result in a tournament penalty.