Today we kick things off with the qualification stage of the All-Stars League! We had a great number of signups and expanded the number of open slots to 12 plus the 4 gatekeepers for a total of sixteen hopeful players. Only four will progress to the main event so it’s all to play for in the next two weeks!

On Sunday 30th April we will be streaming the highlights from the RO16 at 15GMT, then on Sunday 7th May we’ll have the RO8 coverage and the conclusion of the qualification stage.

Here is the full list of players for the qualification stage:



















It’s awesome to see so many players of different nationalities signing up to take part in this event. We’d like to extend a special thanks to  Renny who is the coordinator for the Chinese players that have signed up; allowing them to take part and show their skills on the world stage!

Good luck to everyone, only 4 players may advance so it’s going to be an intense two weeks. We’ll see you on the battlefield over at the EscapeAoE Twitch stream.